Welcome to EVOCNG

Transportation in the United States is EVOlving.  The nation’s desire to move away from foreign oil to a clean, green, domestic product is taking root in the trucking industry.  Natural gas is significantly cheaper than diesel fuel, reduces emissions by 20-30%, and is sourced here in the USA

EVO CNG is the complete solution for your fleet’s EVOlution to natural gas.  Whether it is a fuel station that is on your route or at your terminal or a new dedicated natural gas truck, EVO CNG can help your fleet EVOlve.  

The Difference
  • EVO CNG will build, own and operate a station where YOU need it.  We aren’t asking you to accommodate us; we are here to accommodate you.
  • EVO CNG does not just have a relationship with truck dealerships, EVO CNG is a truck dealer, owning and operating four Freightliner Truck dealerships in Arizona.  This means that we have the absolute latest information on trucks, engines, and pricing.

  • All EVO CNG stations are designed for semi trucks with easy access. 
  • All EVO CNG stations are fast fill with fill times similar to diesel fueling. 
  • All EVO CNG stations feature patented technologies that ensure a full fill.